Winter Ambience Sounds

Winter ambience sounds can be a great addition to any space, whether playing video games, watching movies, or just sitting on the couch. These soundscapes also work great in offices, classrooms, and homes alike to help promote relaxation and enjoyment.

Source: Relaxing Music Youtube


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Winter is an ideal season for ambient music. The cold and gloomy days make days seem longer and nights darker, making it the ideal time to listen to some relaxing tunes. Some iconic winter songs include “Tiny House” by Brian Eno, “Frozen River” by Sigur Ros, “Mistraldespair” by Kate Bush, “My December” by Linkin Park and “February Stars” by Foo Flighters–all great examples of what winter ambient music can do for you.

The title of this song is somewhat mysterious; it tells the tale of a young man falling in love in December, yet its lyrics remain obscure. Nonetheless, the track boasts some impressive technological elements like rails and air tricks as well as terrain parks. Additionally, it includes some nostalgic ambient music to accompany it.

Linkin Park’s song “My December” celebrates the energy of December, while Katherine Bush offers a darker interpretation. Its title refers to an ancient Chinese poem about an elusive snowflake and utilizes classic rock elements like acoustics and simple synth, along with a lyric that suggests codependency within a relationship.


Ambient music can be a comforting addition to life during the cold season. With its focus on tone and atmosphere, it helps reduce stress. Most of this style’s sounds are instrumental and often depict natural landscapes around us. Whether we are listening to these sounds or watching winter landscapes from inside our homes, ambient music helps create an ambiance of warmth and comfort.

Winter Synth has seen a lack of releases lately, yet it remains one of the most visually distinctive sub-genres within Digital Synth. It tends to have a more spacious soundstage than Dungeon Synth and an overall hypnotic vibe.

Influences from this genre can be heard in various genres, such as Future Garage and Ambient Dubstep. The Winter Ambience sample pack brings together delicate pad loops, moving piano samples, and captivating ambiences inspired by futuristic garage and ambient dubstep. It fuses organic textures for an engaging listening experience.


In the winter months, sea ice melts and produces a loud noise signature associated with an extreme cyclone event. These events are crucial in understanding why Arctic waters have recently warmed. To study these sea ice melting events, in-situ acoustic measurements were taken to monitor noise level in Arctic waters as well as time-frequency spectrograms to analyze sound produced by melting sea ice.

An autonomous passive acoustic monitoring system was employed to measure ocean ambient noise from 100 Hz to 10 kHz. Results show that sea ice melting noise spectral content increases significantly during winter, particularly between 3 kHz and 7 kHz; furthermore, maximum spectral content increases from 8dB re 1mPa2/Hz up to 98dB re 1 mPa2/Hz, suggesting high surface air temperatures and water temperatures are likely responsible for these events in Kongsfjorden.

This study revealed a high interannual variability of sea ice melting noise during wintertime, particularly during the study period. Furthermore, it demonstrated an anomalous positive anomaly in water temperature at Kongsfjorden which likely contributed to the event of sea ice melting.