What is a Freight Exchange and How to Use One?

Freight exchanges can be a valuable resource for your business. There are various types of freight exchanges available, making it easy to find one that meets all your requirements.

Find a decent freight exchange

Shippers looking to save money or carriers seeking more loads may be wondering how to find a reliable freight exchange. When selecting an exchange, ensure it is affordable and flexible enough for your requirements.

You can get a freight quote in two easy steps. First, determine how large your shipment is. Afterward, compare the rates offered by various carriers.

Finding the optimal freight exchange can help you get the best rate for your load. A freight exchange is a website that links shippers with carriers, acting like an auction house. Post your load, get a quote, and assign it to a carrier – all from one place!

It’s a little more involved than that. You must provide all necessary information, such as the shipping date, weight of your shipment, destination and contact numbers.

Receiving a free freight quote from a freight broker can save you money, and give you the assurance that your shipment will arrive on schedule.

Alpega Group’s Freight Exchange

Alpega Group, a global software provider, offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for the transport industry. Their transport management software enables freight forwarders to quickly and efficiently meet their clients’ requirements. Furthermore, their digital logistics platforms give transporters real-time feeds of loads and available trucks. Alpega’s Freight Exchange network connects carriers and freight forwarders in an intelligent community that encourages efficient and secure freight movement.

Alpega’s Freight Exchange network covers both international and domestic routes, providing transportation professionals with an expansive data pool of more than 350,000 freights daily – making it the largest freight exchange network in Europe. Furthermore, it provides a Payment Guarantee to help carriers ensure payment for transport invoices.

Alpega’s TMS is a cloud-based solution designed to transform the global supply chain into an interactive ecosystem. It has been built in partnership with shipping companies, logistics service providers and carriers and it stands as the only TMS that offers scalable standalone solutions. Furthermore, its AI engine learns from historical data in order to anticipate members’ needs.


CALISTA offers a global supply chain platform for shippers, connecting freight forwarders and logistics service providers (LSPs) throughout Asia, North and South America. Through CALISTA, traders can easily conduct transactions, get financing for projects, and gain accurate status visibility on their transactions.

CALISTA connects over 10,000 freight forwarders and carriers. By creating a consistent user experience, reducing data duplication, and streamlining trade processes, CALISTA ensures better transparency into data flows as well as connecting multiple customs nodes.

CALISTA provides trade advisory services in over 180 countries, providing accurate information on import and export rules, free trade agreements, route options, budget options for shippers based on budget and preferred timeliness. No matter if it’s a large or small enterprise, CALISTA’s intelligent agent can optimize supply chain choices while offering recommendations for next steps when faced with unexpected circumstances.

CALISTA Freight eXchange module enables freight forwarders to publish their public rates. Furthermore, the platform offers VIP rates for customers and allows freight forwarders to set markup for other freight forwarders.


Alpega is a global logistics software provider that integrates multiple software solutions to create an intelligent community of road transport professionals in Europe. Its Freight Exchange platform offers freight forwarders and transport companies one-stop access to transportation solutions at any time.

Alpega’s Freight Exchange network links transport companies with freight providers, providing them with a cost-effective, secure, and sustainable way of finding loads. Its Payment Guarantee eliminates the risk of nonpayment while encouraging real-time collaboration among verified members. Alpega’s innovative freight recommendation engine, TelerouteRecommends, utilizes artificial intelligence to help carriers identify truck capacity more quickly.

Teleroute is a freight exchange community that links carriers with freight providers on both international and domestic routes. Established in 1985 as the first online freight exchange, its operations now span 27 European countries with 10.5 million monthly freights stored in its extensive data pool.

TelerouteRecommends utilizes artificial intelligence to suggest loads to transporters based on historical data and real-time insights. It learns quickly, helping carriers locate the right truck capacity quickly.