URL Redirect Service

URL Redirect is a free services provided by iWebz365.co.uk which allows users to use our domain web iwebz365.co.uk as a redirection gateway for outgoing links. The use of our service is free and quick.

SEO Advantage

While this is a service developed mainly for internal use, other website owners can take advantage of this URL redirection to point towards their website and gain this way a new UK targeted backlink. Even if it is seen as a 301 redirect by search engines, it is still counted as a backlink and gets indexed in Search Console as a backlink from iwebz365.co.uk

The service presented below is quick and free to use!

How to Use

Making use of the redirect link service is simple as following the below steps:

  1. copy the following link: “http://iwebz365.co.uk/go/?site=http://www.mywebsite.com
  2. edit the “http://www.mywebsite.com” part with the link towards your website (it can be either your domain home page or a deep link; make sure to include the http or https as well)
  3. paste the newly formatted link in a blog post on your website or other websites and wait for search engines to index the new link